Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution – DONALD J. HARRIS, Stanford, California, 1978

To Kamala and Maya

The aim of this work is twofold. It seeks to provide a systematic interpretation and critical assessment of the main, contemporary lines of approach to a theory of accumulation and income distribution in the capitalist economy. At the same time, an attempt is made to develop an analytic reconstruction of some of the substantive problems and issues that arise in such a theory.

A basic reference point for the discussion is the system of ideas developed by the  English Classical economists and by Marx. This is a necessary point of departure, since it is in these ideas, and especially in  the work of Marx, that some of the main conceptual foundations for theoretical analysis of accumulation and distribution in the capitalist economy were laid. From this vantage point it is possible to gain both a critical understanding of contemporary approaches to that analysis and a conceptual framework for developing a more adequate theory.

Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution


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