The concentration of personal wealth in Italy 1995–2016

Paolo Acciari, Facundo Alvaredo, Salvatore Morelli

The richest 0.1% saw a twofold increase in their real average net wealth (from AC7.6 million
to AC15.8 million at 2016 prices), making its share double, from 5.5% to 9.3% (equivalent
to a change from 55 to 93 times their proportionate share). In contrast, the poorest 50%
controlled 11.7% of total wealth in 1995, and 3.5% recently. This corresponds to a 80% drop
in the average net wealth (from AC27,000 to AC7,000 at 2016 prices). Strong concentration
increases were also recorded for the richest 10%, whose share went up from 44% in 1995 to
56% in 2016.

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