Il nuovo vaccino cubano efficace al 91%

Fabrizio Chiodo – Glyco-Scientist, Research Assistant Professor at the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Invited Lecturer at Havana University

It was already an extraordinary result (62% efficacy) with two doses of Soberana02 (RBD-TT conjugate), due to the complex epidemiological situation in Havana (beta dominant). Now with the boost of SoberanaPlus (RBD-dimer) efficacy is 91.2%…!!!

It is not a race, but Cuba has now an important Public, RBD-based vaccine, showing high efficacy also with different variants circulating during the phase-3 trial. Compared to the “others” studied in South Africa for example, Soberana is an extraordinary achievement.

The design of an RBD-based vaccine was correct, the concept of conjugate-vaccine as well and the boost with the RBD-dimer to keep “high” the polyclonal antibodies (and not only) was a successful strategy.

“Poor”, under “blockade”, Cuba has two Public RBD-based vaccines (Soberana and Abdala), that showed high efficacy (phase-3) and a great safety profile.

Thanks @FinlayInstituto for these months of pure emotions: “Y siempre luchando y trabajando por mas, y mas!!!” Here the rational design: Here the pre-clinical results:

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